The BestWORLD Difference

What Made BestWORLD The Leader in The Fastest Growing Industry in Canada

Choosing BestWORLD Security Services gives you the freedom you need to move forward. When you are truly protected, you gain the ability to maximize your time, energy and resources towards your goals. The superior quality of our Security Guards, Mobile Security, Alarm Response and other Specialized Security Solutions have earned us our solid place on top of the Vancouver Security market. At BestWORLD, we not only make you “feel safe”, we guarantee you a renewed state of being protected. That is why BestWORLD is the solution for progressive organizations who are ready to move forward. By partnering with BestWORLD Security, you will finally be free to focus your time on what really matters to you.

“The precondition to freedom is security”

- Randy Beers, Former Deputy Homeland Security Advisor to the President of the United States