Concierge Services

A caretaker designated to a specific apartment, complex, hotel, or office building who greets and directs the residents, employees, and guests of the particular establishment. The concierge is also responsible for protecting the building and residents from intruders or damage. A Concierge is a necessity for any property manager that wants to maximize security. It also adds the final touch you need to make the right impression. A Concierge is a specialized and trained type of Security Guard that is stationed at a particular building in order to provide assistance, security and direction. Owners of rental suite properties and stratas require a responsible person they can depend on. As a property manager, you understand that tenants must never feel that they are alone or in danger when they are entering/exiting the building, accessing their mailbox, or finding their parking spot. A Concierge is known for greeting tenants as they go about their way but this simple action indirectly creates the perfect opportunity for tenants to express security concerns and make requests. There is limitless value in having a familiar face on site that tenants can bring their issues to in a truly safe environment. By hiring a Concierge from a trustworthy security company, you gain a valuable team member who will perform vital tasks such as:

BestWORLD makes you and makes your guests feel welcome

  • Providing access control according to a list of authorized tenants/personnel.
  • Greeting tenants and visitors while stationed at a prime location of your property.
  • Screening/monitoring all foot and vehicle traffic to prevent possible danger.
  • Deterring threats of break-ins and vandalism before they occur.
  • Removing all trespassers including homeless persons trying to sleep or party on the premises
  • Stopping visitor parking violations before they occur by enforcing regulations upon entrance.
  • Completing scheduled patrols of the entire premises including stairwells, elevators, and parking lots.
  • Creating valuable incident reports.
  • Logging in/out times of non-residents.
  • Cross-referencing incident reports with log-in/out times of non-residents to identify suspects
  • Assisting with the eviction process of tenants.
  • Supervising move-ins and move-outs.
  • Contacting emergency services and directing personnel to appropriate units.
  • Providing access after-hours for authorized personnel such as maintenance, landscapers and other contractors.
  • Accepting and securing deliveries for office personnel or tenants.
  • Identifying and reporting issues of property maintenance and schedule repairs.
  • Enforcing strata by-laws and managing a complaint system.

BestWORLD is your number one choice for Concierge services because our security personnel are trained to be your establishment’s first point of contact. Each Concierge staff at BestWORLD is fully licenced and trained to meet strict requirements which are regulated by a branch of the B.C. government. We developed a highly specialized training process which integrates superior customer service with the unique security requirements of property management. BestWORLD is practiced at managing the Concierge services of commercial and residential properties alike; adding valuable insight and experience to each building we serve. Our Concierge personnel have achieved the perfect combination of support and authority required to maintain security at any location including high-crime areas. We understand that each building has their own unique requirements, therefore; we take pride in being flexible and responsive to strata councils, property management companies, and individual requests. Many security companies offer Concierge services as an extra add-on yet at BestWORLD - it’s our specialty. We’re proud to be the premier concierge company in the Greater Vancouver area, Fraser Valley, and the Tri-Cities.