Parking Lots Security

Retail centers, restaurants, and any place open to the general public are targets for crime. Up to 80% of the crime at public facilities occurs in the parking lot. Vehicle break-ins, vandalism and muggings are among the top crimes that happen in parking lots. If your customers do not feel safe parking and walking to your facility, they are more likely to take their business somewhere else that does have adequate parking lot security.

How We Can Make Your Facility Safer:
SecuriWORLD Canada Security Services Inc. can give your customers and employees a sense of security when visiting your facility. Our officers can be armed or unarmed depending on your preference with options of either foot patrol or a patrol vehicle. Officers perform constant patrols of the parking lot keeping an eye out for any suspicious activities.

Upon customer or employee request our officers will escort them from the entrance to their vehicle. Before our officers are put to work they have to complete an intensive training program as well as a background screening. We provide your business with the highest quality of security officers on the market because your safety is our main concern.

Parking lot security services include:
Ensuring Parking Spots Are There For Your Employees, Clients & Visitors
Parking Policy Enforcement
Warnings & Tow Citations
Vehicle Towing Facilitation
Theft and Vandalism Deterrence
Parking Pass Issuance
Daily Reports of parking lot activity

Duties and Tasks for: "Parking Lot Security Attendant"

1) Take numbered tags from customers, locate vehicles, and deliver vehicles, or provide customers with instructions for locating vehicles.

2) Keep parking areas clean and orderly to ensure that space usage is maximized.

3) Direct motorists to parking areas or parking spaces, using hand signals or flashlights as necessary.

4) Patrol parking areas in order to prevent vehicle damage and vehicle or property thefts.

5) Park and retrieve automobiles for customers in parking lots, storage garages, or new car lots.

6) Greet customers and open their car doors.

7) Calculate parking charges, and collect fees from customers.

8) Issue ticket stubs, or place numbered tags on windshields, and give customers matching tags for locating parked vehicles.

9) Lift, position, and remove barricades in order to open or close parking areas.

10) Inspect vehicles in order to detect any damage.

11) Review motorists' identification before allowing them to enter parking facilities.

12) Escort customers to their vehicles in order to ensure their safety.

13) Service vehicles with gas, oil, and water.

14) Perform maintenance on cars in storage in order to protect tires, batteries, and exteriors from deterioration.