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    Doorman and Concierge Security Services SECURITY RECEPTIONISTS FOR RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS SecuriWORLD Concierge Division provides professionally-trained security officers for concierge security, doormen, and as security receptionists for residential buildings. While securing the premises remains the primary priority, our concierges and doormen also ...
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    Fire Watch

    FIRE-WATCH SECURITY GUARDS There are specific events which lead to a requirement of a fire watch systems. Such events can be a malfunction or a complete absence of fire protective equipment or fire related systems. This may include, but is not limited to, fire sprinklers not working properly, fire alarm malfunction, water being shut down...
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    How to Maintain Commercial Property Value

    The commercial real estate market in Canada has experienced an increasing trend since its decline during the financial crisis. According to Colliers Canada, overall vacancy rates have dropped to 9.8% from 10.3% three months ago. Commercial real estate is a lucrative investment for those that have all of their available units rented out. Maintaining...
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    How to Improve Construction Site Security

    Construction site security is a major concern for project managers in the industry. This is because projects are temporary, contractors and project managers often don’t take the necessary security measures, which makes these sites vulnerable to material and equipment loss. Although you may have insured larger items yourself, most other materials do...