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    Doorman and Concierge Security Services SECURITY RECEPTIONISTS FOR RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS SecuriWORLD Concierge Division provides professionally-trained security officers for concierge security, doormen, and as security receptionists for residential buildings. While securing the premises remains the primary priority, our concierges and doormen also ...
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    Fire Watch

    FIRE-WATCH SECURITY GUARDS There are specific events which lead to a requirement of a fire watch systems. Such events can be a malfunction or a complete absence of fire protective equipment or fire related systems. This may include, but is not limited to, fire sprinklers not working properly, fire alarm malfunction, water being shut down...
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    Do You Trust Your Current Security Provider?

    Use 1, 2, 3 Test To know if your security company is trusted, quiz them and request from them the following critical items. If they pass, they are trusted. (Keeping accurate files of the below mentioned items for a minimum of 6 months is a legal requirement for all physical security agencies operating in Canada...
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    Which security company pays the best in Toronto and Vancouver?

    In Toronto, Ontario, the government announced that the minimum wage has risen to $14.00 per hour on January 1st, 2018, and has increased again to $15.00 per hour as of January 1st, 2019. On June 1st, 2018, the minimum wage increased to $12.65 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The government has announced that the minimum wage...
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Your home is your sanctuary, but sometimes your privacy is invaded. In 2016, Canada had nearly 160,000 accounts of breaking and entering, with the highest amount occurring in BC. Although most home insurance policies will cover physical damage to your home in the event of burglary, unless otherwise specified, your personal items will not be
Whether you run a small uptown boutique or manage a huge downtown department store, your merchandise is always at risk. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling pet food or designer bags, many would-be shoplifters simply enjoy the thrill of stealing and the risk of getting caught. Nothing, not even low-priced items, are safe from theft.
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Security work is one of the few industries that will always have work available because communities continually host indoor and outdoor events and stores ongoingly offer services and products. Protecting property, assets, and most importantly, people is a security guard’s first priority. But, what’s special about SecuriWORLD? We’re the leader in the fastest growing Industry
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Loss Prevention is a tricky practice, and companies don’t always provide their staff with the methods they need to handle it because they are focused on making a profit. Store workers also have a high volume of tasks to accomplish in a day, so LP sometimes takes a backseat. That’s why the security experts at