Security in Langley

he City of Langley is a municipality in the Metro Vancouver Regional District. It lies directly east of the City of Surrey, adjacent to the Cloverdale area, and surrounded on the north, east and south by the Township of Langley.

Langley City's Downtown was developed around Old Yale Road, which later on became Fraser Highway. Until 1964, Fraser Highway was part of the Trans-Canada Highway network - this major route attracted many businesses to the area.
Today, with the Trans-Canada Highway now in the north of the Langley Township, the downtown is more pedestrian oriented. Where Fraser Highway goes through the downtown it is reduced to a single lane of traffic in one direction to limit traffic flow. This stretch is often affectionately referred to by residents as "The One-Way" and is lined with restaurants and shops either side, making it a popular retail centre in the city. Douglas Park is also near this area in the downtown, and is seen as main park in the city, frequently being used for events and shows.

In Summer 2013, McBurney Plaza opened to the public replacing McBurney Lane (previously used as a parking lot). This area connects Fraser Highway and Douglas Park with a pedestrian boulevard, providing outdoor space for cafes and a space the city can use for street performance and other civic events.
Just outside this downtown centre are strip malls and a number of low rise apartment buildings. Most detached housing remains outside the downtown area.